Cloud Computing Research

Cloud Computing has received much attention over the past few years, but the true benefits of the cloud are yet to be realized. This is because there are a number of decisions that need to be made before a company or organization can adopt the cloud. For example, cloud consumers need to know how to balance loads on their virtual machines such that their cost is minimized. On the other hand, cloud providers need to know how much physical capacity they would need to procure in order to handle highly variable demand from the consumers. As a result, a large number of optimization problems need to be solved...

In the recent Cloud Computing Operations Research paper, Iyoob, Zarifoglu and Dieker organized the cloud computing research domain and listed the key problems faced by the different players in the cloud space today. Based on this paper, we have surveyed the current research as follows:

1. Cloud Provider Research Survey →

2. Cloud Consumer Research Survey →

3. Cloud Broker Research Survey →

We hope to maintain this site as a continuously updated repository with the help of the research community.

-Ilyas Iyoob, Ph.D.
Director, Operations Research
Gravitant, Inc
Austin, TX

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