Friday, July 30, 2010

Predictive IT Management for Healthcare Transformation in Texas

It seems like all the chatter on Healthcare reform has disappeared from the media now that the law has been passed.  But will it actually get implemented at the state level?  How effective will it be?  How efficient will it be?  The Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) in Texas is battling through the details, but it is clear that the IT infrastructure to orchestrate this at an operational level is mind boggling.

The Health Information Exchange (HIE) has been launched to integrate all the participating providers in Texas.  However, this would only add more load to the already staggering demand handled by the HHSC Office of the CIO.  In addition to policy changes, the CIO also has to plan for demand generated due to natural disasters, economic recession, etc.  Moreover, the CIO has to manage an endless list of vendors and private contractors who are responsible for different segments of the organization.  In such a complex and volatile environment, the CIO of HHSC Texas has resorted to expert decision support from Gravitant to manage business demand with IT supply.

Gravitant’s Predictive IT Management (PITMAN) tool answers the following questions for the CIO:

  • When would the system first break due to the load?

  • Which component is the bottleneck?

  • How many resources should be added at the bottleneck to eliminate this issue?

  • What is the schedule for resource addition?

  • What is the cost and risk impact of this transformation?

Video demo here...

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