Saturday, September 11, 2010

Decision Support for Public Healthcare Administration in Indiana

Decision support using analytics sounds great!  But where do we begin?  There's so much data being collected and stored and secured to the nth degree, but now what?

The main issue with all the data we are collecting is the data is usually inconsistent.  This is because there are a number of 'events' both on the demand as well as on the supply end which distort the picture.  So, is low throughput due to fewer resources or low demand?

Therefore, the CIO's decision support group would first need to "cleanse" the data and wrap a structure around it. Then decision support is a matter of applying one of the many analytical tools out there in the right context.  This begs the question - how much time and effort would that take?

Well, it only took 2 months by Gravitant's professional services group to get the FSSA of Indiana up and running.  Gravitant's BusinessMatrix platform was used followed by their AdvancedAnalytics modules to provide visibility into throughput and timeliness, followed by decision support for bottleneck identification and optimal resolution options.

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